Namai  /nah・mai/

Home means something unique to each of us.
Every person holds a set of memories - smells, sounds, tastes, experiences - that they associate with home. Whether from childhood or beyond, home holds space and meaning for us all. While home can be a feeling or a person, and not just a place, we believe it's important to make the space that you do call home, your own.

Our goal is to provide you with quality goods that evoke the warmth of home. We hope that the pieces that you invite into your home give you comfort and help to provide you with a place that makes you feel safe, soft, at peace, and most importantly, free to be yourself.

Founded in 2021, Namai Home started as an idea about providing people with all the tender feelings that accompany being home. As a husband and wife team of tried-and-true homebodies, we decided we wanted to bring all the cozy aspects that we love incorporating into our home, into yours.

Our names are Abby and Alex Miller. In 2018, we were both working desk jobs but were filled with an undying passion for more, so we began dreaming. That's when the idea of Namai was born. Abby has always possessed a love for home decor and, after traveling to Lithuania in 2016, decided that the name Namai, meaning home in Lithuanian, would be a perfect fit.

At Namai, you can choose from a variety of products you love with values you can stand behind. We offer ethically sourced and carefully curated goods that support at least one of our core values - handcrafted, produced by women-owned businesses or female artisans, and created using sustainable materials and practices. Each piece in our collection not only falls into one of our core values, but also aligns with our ethical standards. Read more about our Ethical Standards here.

With each purchase made from our ethically curated line of products, we donate 5% of our profits to non-profits that empower women and girls around the world. For more information on how your purchase can change the world, check out our page on Giving Back.

We hope that you feel inspired in your home and that you feel truly safe and comfortable in your space.