Noa Fair Trade Hand Towel

  • $24.00

Our Noa Fair Trade Hand Towel is the perfect complement to any kitchen. The off-white natural color with its unique stone stripes pattern embraces its versatility and celebrates its elegance. The tasseled edge lends even more interest to the beautiful hand towel and will draw your guests' eyes to this perfect kitchen staple.

Sustainably and ethically crafted from 100% locally sourced eco-friendly cotton, these hand towels support a small community of handloom weavers in Ethiopia. The artisans that craft these towels with so much attention and care pride themselves on their work and we are proud to support them as small-scale craftspersons in a growing industry.

These fair trade certified hand towels are made to be durable and are each unique since they're not made using machines. Even though there may be slight variations between any two towels, that's the handmade nature of these products and we celebrate the beauty in that. A pair of these will look beautiful in any home.

Pair this handcrafted hand towel with any of our other versatile towels or browse our tabletop home decor for beautiful home accents that complement this piece perfectly.


+ Size: 21" W x 27" L

+ Material: 100% Eco-Friendly Cotton

+ Color: Natural White with Stone Stripes

Care Instructions:

+ Machine wash

+ Tumble dry low

Ethically handcrafted in Ethiopia

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